Luis and I were channel surfing when we came across Coco Avant Chanel, the movie is stunning visually- especially if you are a fashion fan. We both couldn't get over how stylistically futuristic Coco looked compared to her peers, and on that same token, how dramatically and seriously she changed fashion. She was really sartorial pioneer.

Anyway, there is a scene after Coco has been on vacation to the sea where she wears a French/Russian sailor shirt she saw on a French Sailor. Her hair is fluffy as she works on one of her famous straw chapeaus. I laughed and looked down-- I was wearing the J Peterman Russian Navy shirt in red, and my hair was parted on the side, fluffed and pulled into a bun. I pointed this out to Luis. "She is the nexus of your style." he replied, "She's where this whole 'Lovely' thing comes from." It was hard to disagree while Coco and I were in matching outfits. Here's how you can steal her (our?) look.

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  1. Jenny...I got caught up on Lovely this morning and literally went out and bought a top almost like this! You inspired me. Love!!