Like everyone else, sometimes I wake up in the mornings and have absolutely no clue what to wear to school. Head on the pillow, I sigh, and dread going to the closet to attempt to put together a cohesive, stylish, and comfortable outfit. As a teacher, I'm on my feet most of the day, and for all the jumping and dancing I do to keep my students entertained, I need something which can move and looks sophisticated from all angles. These "Soda Fountain" dresses in cola, ginger, and grape from ModCloth seem to fit the bill for exactly what I'm looking for! They are sophisticated, look very comfortable and easy to move in, and have that retro-vintage style that I love. I love the belt and full skirt; the cap sleeves look cool for warm days. Throw on a cardigan and flats, and I'm all ready for the day without having to struggle to put together a look. The less time I have to spend on my clothing choices, the more time I have to think about other things, like school, dinner that night, and of course, finding more dresses like this.

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  1. Adorable. I have a black shirt dress almost exactly like the one pictured (shorter hemline and longer sleeves) and it's my go-to.