I don't know if I've shared this on Lovely or not, but I'm a huge, huge, huge (yes, three huges are necessary for this one) Muppet fan! I've always loved the Muppets; I guess I even love Muppets so much that I dreamed up my real life Kermit, and live with him (Kermit and Eric both play the banjo). Anyway, when I saw that this couple had their wedding at Jim Henson studios, I just had to share some pictures; I love, love, love (yes, three loves are necessary) their personalized, individual Muppets! I'm totally jealous. Click here for more pictures from the photographer's blog. PS. You CAN make your own Muppets!

(pictures via Offbeat Bride and Megan Finley Photography)


  1. You should read Street Gang, the Sesame Street "biography!" It's amazing. I love Muppets too! (oh and @sesamestreet on twitter makes my day every day!!)

  2. I just saw this! Haha! Muppets are my all-time favorite and I think I have a whole portion of my brain dedicated to muppet-related trivia. Great find as always :)