We all have creature comforts we just a-dore. Things we clearly can, but say we can't, live without. I would love to know what yours are...maybe I won't want to live without them either! Here are mine:

Kilty Suede Mocs from Minnetonka: they define the term "comfiest shoes ever." I wore them tromping around San Fracisco for a week, my feet never hurt or got hot or anything.

Vera Bradley Coin Purse: I use these coin purses for everything from temporary wallet, to camera case. From actual coin purse to necessaries bag (lip balm, eye drops, ibuprofen and a mirror) which I throw in my purse daily. Best part is they're only $14, and less on sale (!), so when I lost one that I was using as a camera case in a lounge last year I was sad but not at a loss.

Citrus Verbena Summer Fragrance from L'Occitane: I am perfume obsessed, obsessed-- I love to find a scent that is me and stick with it. I was looking to replace an old scent when Luis came home with this lovely citrus summer scent. He said it smelled like something I'd wear-- and it does! I spray it once, sometimes twice, daily!

Chocolatey Pretzel Cereal Bars from Kellogg's: Two things I love: bars (granola, cereal) and chocolate covered pretzels. I love having these on hand, they serve as a breakfast on the go (I have 2, sometimes three!) or to boost up a little lunch at work! Or you know...for a snack...or dessert.

So, readers, what can't you live without? I'd love to know!

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