Hi lovelies, as Jenny very excitedly pointed out: it's finally Friday! What are you all doing this weekend? Tonight, Jenny and I (and the very-kind-to-accompany-us-fiance) are going dress shopping for all the thousands of little events we have coming up...Dress Barn here we come! Saturday and Sunday, I'll be sitting back and relaxing at Palmer Vineyards, watching Eric play guitar with Miller's Crossing. Can't wait! Any good plans? Shopping? Parties? Laying low? Whatever you do, have a great time, and enjoy the new Fall weather!

How adorable are these "Nesting Doll Earrings" from Unexpected Expectancy? I love all the sweet and lovely items from UE; best yet: each month, 10% of all the sales go to a different charity! Beautiful and generous, I love it!


  1. Hi Olivia & Jenny,

    I'm a friend of the lovely Maya, and a big fan of your beautiful blog :)
    I absolutely love these earrings-I'm slightly obsessed with all things Russian. So I'm currently trawling through Etsy under 'Russian'!
    I'm from Australia and didn't know about Etsy until I began reading your blog.

    Thanks for showing us all things lovely :)

    from Kate Brabon.
    p.s. congratulations on your engagement Olivia, that photo below of you two is stunning!

  2. Kate, thank you so much for the sweet comment! We are so glad you enjoy Lovely :) We love beautiful Russian things too, so we'll def be posting more in the future! Thank you for the congrats! Come back soon, xo, Olivia