Hi all! Sorry I've been so quiet lately...I went right from Chicago to the first day of school! While in Chicago, besides eating amazing vegetable lasagna (I literally ate a pan full), we went to the coolest place ever: The Volo Antique Mall. It was never-ending! We walked, and walked, and looked at millions of antiques, and we just went from one building to another. I didn't buy anything (it was too overwhelming to pick one thing out!), but it was amazing to see all these antiques houses in one place.

On a totally different note, there's been a lot of (I reiterate: a lot of) wedding talk lately. It's all very exciting putting together this special and beautiful day, and Jenny and I are having a blast scouring the internet for new ideas. Like this one, for example: check out the beyond gorgeous crepe paper flowers in the photo above. There's an easy-to-follow DIY guide to creating these beauts on The Bride's Cafe; seriously, these flowers, which look incredibly hard to make only take 6 supplies and 7 steps to create. This takes "paper craft" to a whole new level; imagine making all of your centerpieces (or bouquets) out of paper, yourself!

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