When I was little I had a book called In A Dark, Dark Room. There was a story in it about a girl named Jenny who wore a ribbon around her neck all the time. All. The. Time. Throughout the short story she goes to school, meets a man and falls in love. Her eventual husband keeps asking her why she never removes the ribbon around her neck and what it means. She tells him she can't tell him, over and over and over again. And he keeps asking. She tells him she can't remove it, he can't remove it and not to touch it. And then one day, while Jenny's sleeping her husband unties the bow. And Jenny's head falls off.

I always loved that story. And I think you all should be Jenny for Halloween (and not just because I want to create an army of people with my name!).

It's a really simple costume, wear a dress and cute flats and a big pretty ribbon tied in a bow around your neck. Whenever someone asks what it is, or why it's there look scared, and avoid the question. If someone tries to touch it, dodge. Big time.
For a ribbon check out stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby, and fabric stores, where you can buy just as much ribbon as you want and no more!

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