Morning lovelies, and happy Friday! What are you all doing this weekend? I'll be out at Palmer Vineyards watching Eric play guitar with Miller's Crossing. It's supposed to be a little chilly this weekend, so I'll be bundling up in scarves, boots, and sweaters (oh my!) since I'll be outside all day long. The Autumn leaves on Long Island are gorgeous, so I'm looking forward to a nice car ride out east on the island and some quality time singing outloud with the groom (Okay, I sing outloud and he looks at me with some very sweet, and slightly afraid, side glances). Speaking of music men, don't you simply adore this Country Life print by Rosie Music? I would love to hang this in our apartment. What a sweet image of a lovely couple this is. Also, don't forget, it's Halloween soon! Have you decided on a costume? You could simple and easy with a classic Witch costume, or become an NBC star and pose as the famous Liz Lemon from 30 Rock. And, don't forget to ask us questions for our new About Us page. Have a great weekend, kids!

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