Happy Friday, Halloween Babies! What are you all doing for Halloween? My dad is throwing Eric and I a little family engagement party, with an Autumn theme! I'm super excited to see family, eat delicious food, and mostly, indulge in caramel apples. Yum. Before you head out to your Halloween festivities, remember that the holidays are close approaching, and therefore, it's officially (well, I say it is), present-buying-time! The lovely Ms. Jordan Reid of Ramshackle Glam introduced me to Jenny and Jimbob's Outrageously Original Matchbox Necklaces. How adorable are they?! All the pieces are handmade by Jenny and Jimbob out in LA; I love the variety of necklaces, as well as the fact that they look handmade. They are perfectly priced, and would no doubt make a great gift for someone this holiday season. Plus, each necklace has an awesome name. Can't go wrong with terrific titles on jewelry. It gets me every time.

From left to right: Courage, Life's a Journey, Button Pusher, and Addicted


  1. I love love your site! I have been here all day! Thanks for featuring our funky necklaces. Happy Halloween! xxjenny and jimbob

  2. Hi Jenny! Thanks for stopping by! We love your necklaces. So cool and original. Happy Halloween! xx Olivia