Happy Monday, Lovelies! I hope your weekend was stupendously wonderful! Now back to me, check out the pumpkin friends I carved for myself! We used to carve pumpkins as kids, but it was always so much harder than I want for it to be. This frustrated me, wasn't this activity supposed to be FUN? I made the decision to make SURE it was fun for me this year-- I bought 2 pumpkins on my way home from work, asked Pat to cut off the tops and had a nice time getting all gross and pumpkin-ny. I roasted the seeds and then worked out while thinking about designs. I decided on this. But, um...the pumpkin was really, really thick walled. And that design was pretty intricate. And my hands started to hurt. So I decided to go for a classic design. And you know what? I am so proud of the results! Maybe they're not super chic and fancy pumpkins, but they are well done and they look lovely, uh, I mean, scary, with a candle lit up in them. And isn't that what matters?!

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