Remember the awesome "There Goes The Neighborhood" necklace I posted about yesterday? I found it on Turtle Love Co., which is an Etsy-like website, featuring a small number of jewelry designers. All the designers have a different style, which is why, when I came across the work of Amy Ambroult, it was so adorable and unique, I had to share it with you on this Thursday afternoon. And, because we here at Lovely love good people, Amy "chooses all recycled materials for her marketing and packaging. Her better-for-the-environment practices include a vinegar-based pickling solution instead of the sodium-bisulfate based ones that are the norm. She also donates pieces to various charity auctions as a way of giving back."Love it! I've been on the never-ending hunt for the perfect gifts for my Maid of Honor and bridesmaid, and though they aren't necessarily dinosaur aficionados, how totally amazing and one-of-a-kind, not to mention, beautiful, are these dinosaur themed necklaces? They're adorable! What a great and unique gift for someone who loves interesting jewelry! (I'd love to wear all three at one time, like Jewelry-Jurassic Park!)

(Click each photo for more info!)

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