(Photo via Bow Ties & Bliss)

Happy Friday, loves! What are you all doing this weekend? We're going to our cousin Kate's wedding! I am so, so happy for her and can't wait to dance, eat, and see family. We'll show pics next week! Meanwhile, how beautiful is this simple country wedding cake? (We tried some of the possible cake for our wedding last night: amazing!) This picture comes from a lovely new bridal-inspiration website, Bow Ties & Bliss, created with lots of love by Becky Hart. Before you're off gallivanting in the chilly Autumn weather, check it out! Have a great weekend, Fall babies!
Cousin Kate and Olivia: circa 1986; now we're both getting married!

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  1. Aw, thank you so much for the shout out!! You guys rock! I am going to add you into my "lovely links" session right now. :)

    <3 Becky