I got an email this morning from Sean Carasso, the founder of Falling Whistles (remember when we held the raffle for them? You can still donate to their cause by using the donation box on the right side of the screen here on Lovely!), about this video-- it explains their cause a bit. It's really quite beautiful and upsetting. I want to know more about cruelty free technology.

The email read:

From the bottom of my heart I cannot say thank you enough. We are currently going from sea to shining sea building a countrywide coalition for peace in Congo - and it's only possible because of what you all have done. You have gotten the word out and as a result we are now able to work with local leaders to rehabilitate 267 war-affected children.

Today we are releasing our first short film. We have poured our hearts into this one. It represents a large step forward on the road toward peace in Congo.

For more information of Falling Whistles, follow the link.

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