Hey all, this is a post about Tiny Footprint Coffee, a wonderful company who contacted Olivia and I and sent us some coffee! Wonderful, also sponsored.

This is what I do every morning: Wake up, get dressed, fill up my humungous travel coffee mug. I love, love, love coffee, and the saddest moment of my day is when my mug is empty. What I'm trying to say is that coffee is very important to me. My lovely list of life important stuff is like: Family, Dog, Boyfriend, Coffee. The order can change--
coffee is often #1. So as you can imagine when Kyle from Tiny Footprint Coffee emailed wondering if Olivia and I would be interested in trying some of their coffee and judging it lovely or not, I was more than happy to oblige. Kyle immediately sent out their "Medium Roast: Smooth and rich with full chocolate and caramel laced body balanced by bright citrus notes for a pleasing, sweet finish."

The coffee reached us quickly, and I was very, very impressed. I also loved their packaging, which matches their website, if you want to get the idea. The social action aspect of the company is amazing, they keep their carbon footprint down by planting 54 pounds worth of "carbon sucking trees" (it takes 4 pounds of carbon to make a pound of coffee) for every pound of coffee made-- that, as they put it is "50 lbs of good karma in every pound." This is good for the environment, but also good for my guilty soul who knows that everything I love is bad for mama earth.

Plus! It's good for the birds! Read:
"When you buy a pound of Tiny Footprint, we’ll more than offset the carbon impact of growing, harvesting and distribution by planting a small plot of carbon guzzling saplings in the Ecuadorian Mindo Cloudforest. But this isn’t just regular old carbon offsetting we’re talking about. This is Gourmet Carbon. Which means that in addition to sucking carbon from the atmosphere, we’re also helping to protect dozens of threatened, vulnerable and endemic bird species by restoring critical habitats through reforestation."
(you can read their manifesto, here)
But it goes further-- Tiny Footprint Coffee is really, really good. The coffee is grown on a small family farm in Ecuador, and roasted in small batches. And oh, yeah- it's really, really good. I've never ground my own coffee before (don't throw things at me!), but Future-Brother-In-Law Eric leant me his grinder and last night I ground my first batch of coffee. And this morning I chose Tiny Footprint Coffee to fill my humungous coffee mug and be my buddy for the whole day. My mother also tried the coffee this morning and loved, loved, loved it. She had actually gotten into my stash and brewed the pot without me! The nerve!

So, Kyle, I need to tell you: do Olivia and I think Tiny Footprint Coffee is lovely? Yes! Yes! We do, I love your coffee and I will certainly be buying bags of beans as gifts-- because it's a present that pays it forward!

You can buy Tiny Footprint Coffee, for yourself or as an excellent gift (pair it with a set of mugs) at Amazon, or through TinyFootprintCoffee.com. Also, don't forget to pick up some sweet Tiny Footprint Coffee gear, here.

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  1. Thanks for the love. Should clarify one little thing.... Tiny Footprint sells coffee from all over the place, not just Ecuador. You know, coffee is grown in all the world´s tropical regions, sometimes better than others. In the case of the carbon sequestering trees, TFP is doing all of that in Ecuador with us down here at the Mindo Cloudforest Foundation. Saludos....