I'm going to be really honest with all of you: when I first saw Margaret Schroeder, and as I got to know her, I was not expecting much. I felt like "Oh yes, the sweet Irish girl with the abusive husband. Yes, yes, cute she's part of the temperance movement, she'll waver, she seems lacking of character." But then, something amazing happened: Kelly MacDonald killed the role, and Margaret Schroeder started being my own personal idol. She is strong, and independent- and does anyone else remember her response when she is asked if she is for Women's Suffrage? Well here it is, if you somehow forgot, “In most civilized countries, women are afforded that privilege."She is real, she clearly benefits from her situation from Nucky, and when she is asked if she loves him, she says she appreciates what he does for her and the life she is able to lead because of him. But, we know that she doesn't not love him, she is not that cut throat-- Margaret and Nucky are friends, lovers and partners--I mean clearly their relationship is not Lucy and Nucky's! Anyway, I also adore the way my idol Margaret dresses- I've scoured the internet to capture the essence, updated, of Margaret Schroeder.

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