I was just browsing Etsy when I came across this awesome artist and her great project. Mitsy from Belgium runs ArtMind, and she's selling these wonderful pieces...


And these are just a few of many...Mitsy writes:
This ceramic art object is part of my ‘99 feelings’-project.
It derives from a project I did many years ago reflecting my self-portrait.
I called it ‘how the outside can tell how you feel inside’.
I started out with 9 feelings and then I suddenly thought of making 99 of them...
I like the fact that the number is uneven and that it leaves at least one feeling to complete to 100. That one unfinished feeling to make 100, represents for me all the feelings I haven't covered and that it can be anything...
I love the easy shape of each matroyshka-esque doll. I love the architectural design and the swoop of her hip. I love the simplicity of the details which make each one so expressive and different. Mitsy has great design sense, on top of being a talented artist and crafter. Her cards are unlike anything I've ever seen before: transparent cards with printed messages and a small stuffed felt toy on the inside- matching the theme of course. A tree for Merry Christmas, an adorable wooden doll with a balloon for Happy Birthday, and a wrapped "hard candy" for Congratulations. Not to mention her gorgeous hand painted Birch tumblers and vases. And of course, who could visit ArtMind without noticing the great ceramic Babushka rings. I know some very deserving ladies who would just love these!

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