I know I'm not the only one who fills her dream house with dream furniture and doo-dads-- I see you all out there. I've been sneaking around West Elm, and lord, lord, lord- this website is going to need to take off so I can afford some of the great stuff they're producing (and buying). Tonight let's take a look at my imaginary dream office/workspace, courtesy of West Elm.

Just imagine, for a moment how great my mac would look on this desk. I also love the open space under the desk (no built in file cabinets or anything)- which means I could slide from one side of the desk to the other, my laptop on one end and a basket I'm preparing at the other. My sewing machine at one end and my lunch at the other.

And this for my workspace area, to spread out on, wrap presents on, cut fabric on, layout inventory on, take pictures of inventory, projects and baskets on. You get the idea.

With this chair, which would be perfectly comfy for bending over hours, and hours of work (that I love, because this a dream, so let's shoot for the stars)

I love this piece for a visitor to cozy in, or for me to lounge in while I take something off desk with me.

And this bookcase would be perfect for keeping track of what I had in my gift inventory, as well as displaying my pitcher collection. I love that it's all open-- know what that means? You HAVE to keep it clean!

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