Well hello, Lovelies! By now you know I'm
Jenny (Genevieve), the younger of the two lovely sisters (but just by 2 and a half years!). I've been living and working on Long Island for just over a year, and have almost successfully converted from a city mouse to a country mouse. I love pitchers in a way I cannot describe or understand. I think 20's fashion really had it right (chiffon! silk! beading!). I love recreating looks I see in movies, shows and real life to work in the real world on a real budget (this is why my favorite season to blog is pre-Halloween!). I'm still trying to figure out my future career and wonder sometimes if I should go to pastry school. I cannot be considered a foodie because I love bad food too much, I pretty much just love food, period. Street food in particular. In Paris I went crazy for crepes, and in Scotland (I'm in St Andrews, Scotland in that picture!) my momma and I just had to have a fried Mars bar. At the moment I'm happy to chug along, write for you beauties and make gift baskets (which I'd be happy to do for any of you, email me!). Any other questions about my personal fascinations or issues with the world? Feel free to ask, email me, I love to hear from you lovelies!

You can read my first about me, here!

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  1. Great picture! We have similar likes (ie Forever 21, Jane Austen, etc.). I like your blog.