When Jenny and I were little, every year around December 1st, our house would become akin to Santa's workshop. My mother would fill every table top and counter with holiday projects so that we could conjure up [what seemed like] thousands of presents for our family members and friends. There was always a theme: one year was soap, another candles, another journals, another heating pads, corkboards, picture frames, etc. We loved getting messy and creating gifts for our loved ones, and we still really, really love it. We've put together our favorite DIY Holiday Gifts so that you can save a little money this year, and have fun creating some lovely gifts, too!

(Check back later this week for DIY Home Decor/Party Gifts!)

(Image via The Kitchn)

Granola/Breakfast Treats: I love giving food as gifts to people, but sometimes people get cookie overload at the holidays. Try giving homemade granola (you can customize it for each loved one!). This recipe from Bon App├ętit is pretty basic and healthy. Mix in different nuts, fruits, or spices to really doll things up. When you're all done, pour the granola into a mason jar with some fabric and ribbon around the top, add a label, and voila, they are set for breakfast! (You could also do this for waffle/pancake mixes and tie on a little jar of maple syrup.)

Custom Spices/Jams: One of my all-time fave websites is Specialty Bottle; you can buy beautiful glass spice/herb jars for pretty darn cheap. Why not mix up some custom spices and pair them with a pasta, or bread mix, or cookie mix? They also sell cute jam jars, so get cooking! Check out these beyond adorable jam labels from Eat, Drink, Chic. Or, you could even use chalkboard paint and label each spice/jam with chalk...oh, the possibilities!

(Image via Twig & Thistle)

S'mores Kit: I am slightly obsessed with the packaging of this DIY S'more's Kit from Twig & Thistle. How easy does this look? You can buy most of these ingredients during your regular weekly market run! (PS. Hello, wedding favor!)

Rustic Treats: I love the idea of wrapping some crunchy treats up in a pretty box with twine; I'd love to make Chocolate Bark (so easily customizable..you'd be like your own Chocomize, but for a lot less!). For the peanut lovers in your life, make batches of Peanut Brittle (a friend in college used to make this for everyone, it was a nice treat!).

Healthy (Gluten-Free!) Treats: I'm all for giving healthy treats for the holidays, especially when they look delicious. You could beautifully package up the Gluten-Free Sesame Crackers, or the Gluten-Free Chickpea Crackers, from Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen, and turn them into a delightful holiday package! I love how she uses heart-shaped cookie cutters to make the crackers, you could use a holiday themed cookie-cutter!

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