Time for the more DIY Gifts! These gifts are perfect for those loved ones who love decorating their home, throwing dinner parties, and collecting trinkets from around the globe...
(PS. Stay tuned for our last installment of the DIY Gift Guide: Gifts for Fashion and Style!)

(Image via Craftzine)

Teacup Candles: I love, love, love this idea! I think this is a perfect gift for any grandmother or lovely friend. All you need is wax, wicks, wick holder, and a beautiful tea-cup and saucer (the more vintage looking, the better!). Craft Bits has a simple guide on making these lovely gifts. Wrap your final product up in cellophane with pretty ribbon and you're good to go!

(Image via Not Martha)

Marble Magnets: I have to admit, I love magnets. They're like bumper stickers, they say so much about a person. I love this totally easy marble magnet gift; you could make a whole pouch full of magnets customized for your loved ones. Check out the guide for marble magnets from Not Martha. Package them up in a cute mug, basket, or cellophane for a splendid presentation!

(Image via LDA Create)

Tile Trivets: Oh, I love this idea for anyone with a new home, or anyone who loves to cook! All you need is some pretty tiles (hello, Home Depot) and some felt! This e-how article lays everything out nicely, but I assure you, this is a DIY gift idea for even the very beginner. Make four coordinating tiles and tie them up together with some beautiful ribbon. Anyone would love these! (for a twist, use white tiles and decoupage on them!)

(Image via Not Martha)

Wine Charms: I just had to share this awesome tutorial from Not Martha for Wine Charms! It looks so easy, and easily customizable, too! You can get clear top tins from one of my all-time fave websites, Specialty Bottle, for a super low price. Remember, packaging is so important in DIY gifts!

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