When I was having a bit of a rough week a while ago my very kind friend Tom swung into action. He had four amazing flavors of Jeni's ice cream delivered to my home, a complete surprise! Olivia posted about Jeni's last February, actually naming some flavors she'd like to try which Tom sent! They sent Wildberry Lavender, Reisling Poached Pear Sorbet, Honey & Pistachio and Spicebush Apple Butter.

When I called Tom to thank him, while Pat removed the dry ice-- that ice cream was expert packed!- he said that this ice cream will ruin me forever. "It will make every other ice cream taste like vanilla." (Well, what if it IS vanilla? Irrelevant!). Tom might be right-- I've been slowly scooping away at the ice cream since, just a few spoonfuls a day is all I need as my after work snack. It's so rich, and the flavor is so full and saturated, you don't need to eat a big bowl. Additionally, for someone who eats minimal sugar, the very refined, fine ice cream is deliciously overwhelming to my tasti d lite senses.
It was a great treat for my rough week, and I'm so lucky to have friends as great as mine. You can be a great friend too-- order 4 flavors of Jeni's for $48. Comfort a friend with a sore throat, or who just got fired. Congratulate a friend who got into grad school or got engaged. Is there a life occurrence that ice cream doesn't complement!? Okay,

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  1. I'm so jealous of wildberry lavender. lavender is delicious!