As I've mentioned my mother has embraced the concept of a "Scandinavian Christmas" this year. This probably has something to do with my grandma's, her mother's, adoration of all things Norwegian. When Olivia and I were children we had to ask in Norwegian to be excused from the dinner table at our grandmother's (Takk for maten). She has dala horses all over her home. She's been known to send us home in Heidi braids once or twice. She also insisted we watch Fanny och Alexander. And somewhere down the line this rubbed off on our mama. So this year is her Scandinavian Christmas, what does that mean you ask? We'll here are some of her inspiration and accent pieces.

Nordic Stripe Rug, Crate + Barrel (on sale!)
D is for Dala Horse,
Olivia and I happened to find an ON SALE version of this at Book Revue in Huntington. If that's not fate, I don't know what is!

Mikasa Ruby Red Solstice Dishes

And, I'm totally wishing we had bought the St Lucia's costume for Olivia's Kiersten doll back when she was still in production. Wouldn't this just lend itself to the perfect alternative set up to a Christmas Nativity?

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