My favorite song is Famous Blue Raincoat by Leonard Cohen. Cohen said that he actually had a blue raincoat-- a story which I love:
I had a good raincoat then, a Burberry I got in London in 1959. Elizabeth thought I looked like a spider in it. That was probably why she wouldn't go to Greece with me. It hung more heroically when I took out the lining, and achieved glory when the frayed sleeves were repaired with a little leather. Things were clear. I knew how to dress in those days. It was stolen from Marianne's loft in New York sometime during the early seventies. I wasn't wearing it very much toward the end.
I actually got a lovely blue raincoat for Christmas from my momma. Here's a great outfit I put together inspired by the song!


  1. maybe my mom would be so happy if I give her the floral dress..a perfect birthday present.

  2. Ah that is one of my favourite songs too! I love the story behind it. An adorable outfit you've put together too:-)

    -Love Kate from Australia:)