Hi Lovelies! How was your weekend? We had a delightful time going to Brooklyn Saturday night. The Jalopy Theatre is a-dorable. And, if I don't say so myself, it would be quite the offbeat place for a wedding! Eric played with Jen Larson and North River, and they did a fantastic job (as always!). Check out Eric doing a guitar solo (don't you love the lights around the curtains?)--doesn't he look cute up there? I think so!

Did you all watch the Golden Globes? They are my absolute fave awards show. I turned them on, washed dishes, and dreamed about what I would wear to the show, if I ever went (you never know! And, the answer to that is a navy, sweetheart neckline, strapless Monique Lhuillier, in case you were wondering...). What would YOU wear to the Globes? Who did you think looked the best? I loved all the navy colored dresses, especially Mandy Moore. I also loved Eva Longoria's look (so classic!).

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