I have so many bags it verges on the ridiculous. I haven't bought a bag in maybe a year because of Eric's very sweet aunt who has great hand me downs and some gifts from well meaning enablers. Also, because of this moment in the Coach outlet when I ran up to Luis with 3 bags on each arm and a panicked look in my eyes, "I don't know which one to get" I said to him. "Do you really need another bag?" he replied. I threw him a mean look and I think my eyes welled up and then I stomped away. I did not purchase any bags that day. It was a rock bottom sort of moment.

I tend to wear one bag over and over and then never again. I will wear a different bag every day for a month, I will photograph its contents and post it here. For you, dear readers. Since you care. Oh stop, I know you do.

February 8, 2011


Satchel: A hand-me-down from Eric's Aunt Debbie.

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