QUICK, here we go!

1. Smile at a stranger-- a kid, a barista, the person in the car next to you at a stop light. If you're really feeling it, throw them a compliment.

2. Drink tea (or coffee, or Sprite) our of a fancy teacup with a saucer. Pinky up, ladies!

3. Wear whatever you deem lovely. For me this means a comfy dress in a fun pattern (something not too tight, with a slightly longer hemline). Pair it with shoes you adore (soul boots in this still-chilly-February-weather, or ballet flats for the spring, your favorite gold sandals for the summer. And cowboy boots whenever.) Don't have a favorite dress? What about a pair of earrings with a special memory? A cute headband or a scarf that just makes you feel like Grace Kelly and Jackie O wrapped into one adorable reader.lovely dresses

4. Get away from your desk, if you can. Eat lunch away from your desk- remove yourself. Take a break, go outside, sit in your car, with your work friends, anywhere but your desk.

5. Go listen to NPR's 24 music stream. Read through Hark! A Vagrant. Watch puppies on a live stream.


  1. I love this post and I love the dork teacup. I'm going off to facebook to find you!
    Have a lovely day,