Oh my goodness, do you all remember when Olivia and Eric got engaged? Right, how could you forget. Especially with such gorgeous engagement photos by Hart + Sol Photo. So, clearly you also remember Olivia and Eric's Autumn-riffic engagement party. The one our father hosted at Prime. You remember. I know you do.

Anyway, Olivia, Eric, Father Lovely and I recently headed all the way up New York Avenue to Prime for a late lunch/early dinner. And I need to tell you all, that place just keeps getting better and better (I hope I don't jinx it!). First of all, the view is amazing. As Father Lovely says "The whole Huntington Bay is private property or private clubs, I grew up in this town and I've never seen this view before." It's gorgeous- I cannot wait for the summer to go sit outside on those couches and sip on a glass of white wine and munch on a crab cake.

And speaking of crab cakes. The food. Oy, the food. Last time I had crab cakes, lobster "millennium style," (out of the shell, rubbed with Cajun spice on a bed of whipped mash) and a Dragon roll. Yes, that is a lot of food, I split the sushi with Olivia and I was very, very full. So there. Don't look at me like that, you try to pick just ONE or TWO things off their menu (PDF warning). Olivia, Father Lovely and Eric had the skirt steak. I switched plates with Olivia at the end, and I highly, highly recommend the steak (um, along with all the food I ate). We also ordered creamed spinach and mac and cheese for the table- both impressive, I wish I could have eaten more.
Also, the bathrooms are really cool. And have interesting posters on the wall.

Other bonuses: the decor is wonderful, it is very adult and understated. The chairs are comfortable, the silverware, glasses, plates and napkins all just feel right- Prime was clearly put together very carefully. The acoustics are great for an intimate family dinner bonding over food. The lights are set at the perfect level. Additionally, every employee I've encountered is fantastically professional and friendly. And a few of them are very adorable, I'm just saying (one looks like a Disney Prince, what's that about?).

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  1. It sounds amazing! But I really commented to tell you how much I dig your camera.