Excuse the extremely sleepy face, but I am so very happy that it's finally Friday! This week felt so long, no? Well, what are you all doing this weekend? Jenny, Eric, and I are going back to Prime to have another amazing dinner with Father Lovely. I'm going to spend this weekend curled up on my couch reading sociology books about education...and I'm so excited. Though you can't see what I'm wearing, 'cause it's all black, I thought I'd share a very typical school day outfit with you all. I hate the cold weather, and would chose comfort over style for school any day, so I kid you not when I say I wear a variation of this outfit literally everyday.

Olivia's Sleepy Friday Head-to-Toe:

  • Hue Corduroy Leggings (black)
  • Forever 21 dress (it's short, so I always wear these tunic-like dresses with leggings)
  • Black Old Navy long sleeved t-shirt (under the dress)
  • Forever 21 earrings
  • Grey cashmere Lord and Taylor wrap sweater (not pictured)
  • Grey and black floral H&M scarf (not pictured)
  • Uggs! (not pictured)
What do you wear to work on Fridays? Do you get to dress casually? What's your typical go-to outfit for Fridays? Do share! Have a great weekend, Lovelies, and don't forget to check out these Lovely posts you may have missed...

Happy Weekend!

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