Olivia and I love to read through all of your excellent comments on our posts. Here are some we picked out from our Valentine's Day Giveaway.

My husband and I experiment with reducing the sugar in recipes, so I'd love to make some reduced-sugar brownies and cut them into cute heart shapes! Magpie Shinies

The upcoming topic for a blog carnival I'm about to participate in is "What do you do to get through those long, cold wintery days?" For someone living with chronic pain, the cold and snow can be a profound drag. However, a main part of my answer to this question is BAKING! Baking and decorating cookies, cakes, and cupcakes for the people I love makes me happier than I can say (I love seeing their faces when they first receive them - even more so when they enjoy them). You girls are amazing for offering this giveaway. This baking set is truly precious and I'd certainly put it to good use! I'd absolutely bake John, my family, and my girlfriends some delicious and adorable love-shaped cookies and send you both the photos of everyone enjoying them :) Love to you both... Loving With Chronic Illness

my three year old would love the sprinkles. That's his favorite part of sugar cookies. Amy

Heart shaped brownies for my siblings and boyfriend! Tracie

absolutely love this! If I won, I would wrap it up for my mom for Valentines. Every Val Day morning she makes us heart-shaped pancakes with heart-shaped butter, powdered sugar and maple syrup. Think Williams-Sonoma at home!!:) She's amazing...and yes, I am 21 and she still does it!! Lovely giveaway. Soapbox Articles

Ooohhh, lovely.
I would bake shortbread! And serve it with thick sweet whipped cream, and balsamic strawberries. (Which if you haven't tried you definitely should - just dissolve brown sugar in balsamic vinegar until syrupy, you don't have to heat it, toss some chopped strawberries through the syrup and voila delicioso!)

I would actually bake for my friends with this set. Only one of my best friends has a boy and the other 5 have always been single for Valentines. I love them all like sisters and rather than getting them flowers or typical chocolates home cooking is such a better gift for all occasions. Rather than being anti-valentines this year I can embrace it by making my friends happy while doing what I love. L'asile

There's no Valentine's Day decorations that can beat this baking set - everything included is so cute, and completely not nauseating!

If I won this set, I would definitely bake for myself. As sappy as it sounds, a Valentine's Day spent alone can be just as celebratory as one spent with someone else. It'll be a rare moment where I reflect on what I love about myself! And this includes my body, which is why I wouldn't mind indulging in a few sweet treats that I baked with my new heart-shaped baking tools!

On Valentines with this set, I'd bake cookies for my family in remembrance of my grandma. No matter how much we fought, I always loved her.
At the end of October 2010, my grandma was diagnosed with aggressive leukemia; she was so frail and old that any sort of treatment like chemo was not an option. She was given a minimum of 3 weeks to live, and a max of 6 months -- she lived on for 4 weeks following her diagnosis. The morning she passed away my dad was with her; he sang one of the hymns she loved, and just as he finished the song, she took her last breath. I miss her so much, my whole family does.

When she was still mobile, every Valentines Day she would buy roses for my mom and something nice for me. My grandma was always a very generous person, no matter how deserving or not people were sometimes. I feel baking something with a set like this on Valentines Day would be a nice way to commemorate her on a day that she always gave to others. Moreover, it's a way to show appreciation to my parents of how thankful I am of them and how their strength has kept my brother and I strong as well.

I miss you Nay♥
16/06/22 - 27/11/10


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