While browsing the Kate Spade website for an iPod case (which they don't have, unless you have the Nano, and seriously, who has the Nano?), I came across the loveliest shoe for a wedding. It was classic, simple, looked pretty easy to wear, ivory, and...wait a second, I have that shoe! It just wasn't $298 and wasn't from Kate Spade. Months and months ago, while stopping into Payless after a Marshalls trip (we have a Payless and Marshalls in the same shopping center...it's not good for my credit card), I stumbled upon the Nathalie Shoe (on the right) from the Unforgettable Moments wedding collection at Payless. It was comfortable, white, and had the most adorable bow in the front...a bow that is not disimilar in any way to the Keeden shoe (left) from a one Ms. Spade. I loved these shoes so much that I even wore them in my engagement shoot! While I love the Kate Spade shoes (and everything involved in the Kate Spade world), I just don't have that money to spend on a pair of heels. This is why I love the Unforgettable Moments line from Payless; the heels are easy to wear, affordable ($49.99), and come in 64 colors. Perfect for any event.

(I felt so girly and beautiful wearing these retro looking heels at my engagement shoot; photos taken by Hart + Sol Photo)