east hampton

Lovelies, I am hankering for a weekend in East Hampton. I need beach and books. Ice cream and iced drinks. All I'd need for a great day (heck even a whole weekend) is above. Comfy shorts (I live in my jean shorts from Joyce Leslie over the summer) and a smart top for running into town for brunch supplies. A flowy dress I can wear to town for ice cream at Scoop Du Jour but still nice enough to wear to The Palm (our Papa's favorite!). A beautiful straw tote can take you from green market to shopping at Scoop (the first Scoop I ever went to, I thought it was just about the coolest thing ever), to after dinner drinks. Somewhere between cooking up a madly delicious frittata, raiding the racks, and heading to dinner you'll hit the beach, and for that you will need a silly cute bathing suit. Something you feel confident in, something you feel like Marilyn Monroe in, check how happy and comfortable she looks in these pictures!

(Lovely Family Story Time: when my Aunt Jane was a toddler with my Papa on the beach in East Hampton, she toddled over to a young, pretty woman. The woman was friendly and happy and played with my aunt as my Papa trailed over, when he arrived at the new found friends he was pleasantly surprised to find out my aunt was happily playing with Marilyn Monroe).

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