When I was in college there was this fiery redhead who lived on my floor. She was the friendliest girl I had ever met and seemed to immediately know everyone in the school. We quickly became friends, and that summer she invited me to spend the 4th of July with her family. I had known before visiting that Melissa's mother was an artist, it was something we bonded over. However, when I stepped into Melissa's bright and sunny bedroom I was totally and utterly blown away by the painting above her bed. "Who made that?!" I exclaimed. Melissa proudly looked at me and told me it was an original silk painting by none other than her mother. I was in awe. I had seen watercolor paintings my whole life, but this was a whole different genre of art. This was miraculous. The colors just swerved in and out of each other, the detail was immaculate, and the precision was almost spiritual. I couldn't take my eyes off of it the entire visit.

When I found out that Judi was going to be selling her work on Etsy, I was more than a tad excited to feature it on Lovely. Judi's work is 100% one of a kind. It's the sort of paintings you would see in movies, or in a museum. It's the sort of art that you design a room around. I can't even begin to describe to you how breathtaking these original silk paintings are.

Check out Judi's full portfolio on her website! Want to see out Judi's work in person? She's currently showing work at Images Gallery (Briarcliff Manor, NY), The Framing Gallery (Hawthorne, NY), and Framings (Armonk, NY). However, lucky for us Lovely readers, Judi is now selling prints of her work! Talk about affordable artwork. Judi's work is the perfect price for anyone; give it as a Mother's Day gift, design your new Brooklyn apartment around her colors...whatever you choose, you're getting an amazing deal: one of a kind art for an incredible price! And even better, Judi is offering Lovely readers a special deal...10% off everything in her store! All you have to do is type in the code "Lovely" at checkout! Thanks, Judi!


  1. Thanks Olivia
    xo judi

  2. Ahhh...I'm in love! Beautiful work! Going to heart some of your items on etsy now... Best of luck!

  3. Thanks so much, Jess! If you'd like, I'll set up a promo code for you to use on prints for more than a 10% discount. Just send me a message on etsy and i'll give you 15%.

  4. You are so sweet Judi! Thank you so much for the offer. I will let my mom know...she's setting up a new place and may need some artwork.

    BTW...I'm presently doing a giveaway with Lovely At Your Side. You should enter for a chance to win!

    Best Wishes,