Perfect Friday consists of:
  • It's not too cold out!
  • Woke up before my alarm and spent the extra time on the couch with my puppy,
  • Who stared up at me adoringly and then looked at my like I was crazy when I started snuggling her and crying when I saw a news segment about puppies saved from mills waiting to be adopted through the North Shore Animal League. The fact that they were mostly small breeds and kept showing the Yorkie babies (who really looked like Silkie babies) hit close to home. Thankfully I had to be at work and couldn't drive over to adopt one, because I don't think I could've resisted.
  • My amazing, on-the-way-to-work playlist: Cracklin' Rosie (Neil Diamond); Cherry, Cherry (Neil Diamond); Don't Stand So Close to Me (The Police) [I love the Nabokov reference]; Your Love (Nicki Minaj).
  • Because of excessive dog cuddling I have no lunch- this means the world is my oyster of lunch menus. Lunch is an unanswered question, and I find that insanely exciting.
  • Tonight I get to avoid my elliptical time!
  • So I can head to the city to go see my very talented friend Matt's show Infallibility.
Perfect Friday, right? What's making your Friday sparkle, lovelies? And, any great plans for the weekend?!

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