I wrote this post about 6 months ago, before the wedding, obviously. Somehow it never got posted. But I think it's a really great post- and I clearly put a LOT of work into it. There's like 3 pictures, after all. So, enjoy...now...3 months after Olivia got married.

Did you guys know that Olivia is getting married? Oh, you did? Was it the 41 dedicated posts about wedding planning that tipped you off? Or the engagement photos? Or was it the fact that I've been referring to her as Bridey McBriderson (okay, maybe only in my head)? Just in case you didn't know, Olivia is getting married. And that makes me the Maid Of Honor. Here's what I've figured out, learned and recommend for Maid of Honor-ing, Lovely style.

  • Figure out what little things make the Bride panic, stress, freak out, have a bridal melt down, etc. After 23 years of hanging out together, I know that there are certain responsibilities that panic Olivia, for example making certain phone calls- it's an easy way for me to keep her stress free. And never forget, a stress free Bride is a good thing for everyone.

  • On that same point, be ready for Bridal melt downs, and to hear her concerns, questions and ruminations on wedding planning.
  • Remind the Bride often, but not too often, that no matter what happens in the planning or ceremony or reception, at the end of the day she will be married to her fiance.
  • Do not take on more responsibility than you feel you can while still living your own life. The Bride wants things to get done and get done right, she doesn't want you making promises you cannot keep. And she doesn't want you giving up your life to cater to hers. Try and plan out when she needs you, and if it conflicts with an appointment or a date let her know.

  • I took on the responsibility for both the Bridal Shower and the Bachelorette Party. Olivia and I discussed what she wanted, she did want Mexican for her Bachelorette, she didn't want a tiara that said Bride. She did, however, want a sash that said Bride in rhinestones.
  • Keep the bride calm, happy, sane, hydrated, on time, with normal blood sugar, focused and most of all CALM on the day of the wedding, during the wedding weekend and until and through the wedding.

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