So, no one really discusses it, but there's such a thing as "bridal brain." It's like "mommy fog" but with more flowers and organza. I've been so, so forgetful lately. I'll be standing up, teaching, and all of the sudden this will occur: "A direct object is when [ohmygodImustorderthelabels /granolabarsforbaskets] when..." And then the kids all look at me with pity, smile sweetly, and make side glances at each other as if to say, "Poor Miss. D, she doesn't have much time to go, [there's a countdown on the board to the wedding...what? I'm excited.] she must be stressing." The thing is, I haven't really been one to "stress" about the details. Flowers? Didn't want 'em. Dress? No alterations needed, thanks. So, what's going on with me then?

Let's jump to a scene: it's midnight. I finish reading whatever book on education [okay, let's be honest here: it's probably actually this] I'm currently reading and go to put my head on the pillow, when all of the sudden I hear this from inside my brain: Don't forget! Bridesmaids' gifts, groomsmen need suits, pictures need to be ordered! Sleep, are you kidding me?! Don't get me wrong, I love wedding planning...well, to be fair, wedding planning and I are in a rocky relationship. Some weeks we're great, some weeks I want to scream at it and call it names. Some weeks we're gallivanting together in a field with quilts and pianos, others we're throwing dishes and blaming each other's childhood for our issues. Despite our tumultuous times, I am enjoying planning my wedding to Eric, but no one ever really tells you that no matter how laid back/casual/whatever about your wedding you are, it is still life-consuming.

So, what's a girl to do when she can't think straight and sees life through her ivory/ecru colored glasses? Step one is to make up a name for it: hence the term "bridal brain." Step two is to use this term whenever she needs to. For example, I sent the same article to this awesome lady, twice...I used the term "bridal brain" and she totally understood. Step three: Smile. Always smile. I don't mean to be so forgetful, it's just happening. My brain is literally jam packed with information from the serious (must write ceremony) to the stupid (what shape label for the tissue packets?) Just simply smile and say, "I'm sorry, where was I?" or, "I'm sorry, what was that again?" People will appreciate the "I'm sorry," and just repeat themselves. Most importantly, to stay lovely all the while your brain is exploding with blue shredded paper with which you filled your favors (you should see our kitchen...yikes), just 'fess up to it! It's okay to be a little discombobulated and forgetful, as long as you make it known that it's not that you're not listening/paying attention, but it's that you're just really out of it and misplacing facts and thoughts like it's your job. Being lovely doesn't mean you have to be perfect all the time, it means you remain true to yourself and those around you: be honest and remember to use the correct terminology: "I'm so sorry, blame it on good ol' bridal brain again!"

If all else fails, offer up cupcakes for the people around you who can help you remember things. Cupcakes win every time.

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