I feel like there should be stockings to stuff for birthdays...don't you? Like, a nice little sock full of treats to give to the birthday-person upon their waking on their birthday morning. If I had it my way, I would stuff a sock full of lovely little birthday treats, guaranteed to set the birthday guy or gal off on a great start to their day. Perhaps I'd fill it with a Happy Birthday Music Box ($5.95), so they could have music wherever they go. Or, I would throw in a Happy Birthday Wash Cloth ($5.95); just add water, and they could wash their birthday-face with a special towel. I would write a lovely little message on the Hankicard ($10.00), and a little lyric, poem, or thought on the Chalkboard Mug ($10) which they could erase, and have someone else write them a birthday message. Wouldn't you love to wake up to a birthday stocking hanging near your bed? I love the idea of little treats that a person can carry with them all day long to remember just how loved they are!

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