I take my rain gear very seriously. I have an embarrassingly large collection of trench coats because there is winter rain, and summer storms, and really bad rain when you need a hood- and is it just me or can one rain coat not cover all these scenarios? Right, this is why I have about 7 different rain/trench coats. I also have a pair of Hunter Wellies I covet (and coveted for a long time via the internet and felt super duper blessed to have won on What I Wore).

(faces of the adorably innocent covered)

In college I had a series of cheap, throw away umbrellas from Duane Reade after my beloved Coach umbrella fell apart- I knew it was a bad idea from the start, but my mother can be very insistent. There has got to be a middle ground, between cheap black Duane Reade and over priced I-break-too-easy designer umbrellas, right?

I was thinking about this extensively today, because it was rainy and stormy and I think I even saw a little bit of hail (editors note: at the time of writing this, that was the case- today, April 5, however it is rainy and dark and warm out, very weird). Check out the cute reasonably priced umbrellas I found- you will certainly always know which ones yours!


  1. Those are some lovely umbrellas! Definitely love a colourful umbrella on a gloomy rainy day!

  2. wowwww amazing found! ;) love these umbrellas!