Happy Friday and happy April, Lovelies! What are you all up to this weekend? Jenny, Eric, and I are doing some (wait for it...) wedding things (SHOCKER!) this weekend; invites are going out soon, labels to be created, ribbons tied, you know, the usual. Other then that, I've been playing a lot (a lot) of Wii Fit, which was a great birthday gift from our dad. I've become a super hula-hoop champ (let's not even go into how I worked all week to get my score up, Eric plays it once, and beats all my scores. If he wasn't so cute, I would hate him).

Jenny and I are very excited because not only does Monday begin our three months of giveaways, but we're currently undergoing redesign on Lovely! Now that Lovely is almost two years old, it's time for an overhaul (as we're calling it). Get ready for a new layout, new features, more giveaways, and much more. We've (okay, I'll be honest here: Jenny is the webmaster and I'm the assistant) been working very hard on everything and we are bursting at the seams with excitement.
Remember to come back Monday for a giveaway in which you pick the prize!

In the meantime, are you all ready for April showers? Elizabeth Taylor even inspired our swimwear choices! I love this crafty t-shirt project, perfect for a summer craft!

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