Hi Lovelies, and happy Friday! What exciting plans do you have this weekend? Anything out of the usual-ness of life? Do share! This weekend my lovely Maid of Honor is throwing me a bridal shower. (I sort of still cannot believe I'm getting married!). I am so excited to see my wonderful bridal brigade (though I'll miss my future sisters-in-law! Being far away from people is the worst-est!), have delicious food (let's be honest here: this is what I'm most excited for), and get pearls of wisdom from all the wise women who will be surrounding me on that day. I'm not exactly sure what I'll be wearing yet, but it's bound to be floral, tea-length, and something worthy of many photos. I am most excited to experience a pre-wedding tradition which many women before me, and many after me, will get to experience. Women rock, no?

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Happy Weekend!


  1. Have the best shower ever! And yes, women DO rock :) Have you ever seen the site BlogHer.com? It essentially reinforces that same idea xoxox

  2. Thanks, Susan! I was so excited to tell Jenny all about your website!

    Maya, I have seen it...but I def need a closer look at it! Thanks!