Hello pretties! Happy Friday! I am dashing off to Boston for the weekend to spend some quality time with my dear friend Audie. The last time I was in Boston was during April of my Senior year of college, check out some of the cute pictures below!

I'm looking forward to letting Aud take the lead on the weekend- he seems to have some things planned and I'm happy to meet his friends, hang with his adorable and excellent boyfriend Alex and enjoy the terrific city of Boston.

Audie and I had had big plans of going to Columbia together- neither of us got in. When he decided to head to BU and I had to choose between BU and NYU we decided it might be better to go our separate ways-- for the sake of personal growth, making new friends and not being creepy. It worked out perfectly- I was a Manhattan girl (until I wasn't anymore, a story for another time) and Audie and Boston fell in love. Boston suits him, and it suits me to visit him there.

Aud and I in his old apartment, I am wearing jean shorts I just bought at TJ Maxx (it was un-seasonable warm when I arrived) and a nightie from Old Navy-sometimes you've got to improvise.

Audie and I on the train back to New York/Connecticut
Making our best Murder on the Orient Express faces on the train.

And here's one more cute one of us from our 5 year high school reunion this past June.

And now to you, readers, where should I go? Eat? Imbibe? Shop? I cannot wait to hear your suggestions!

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