It's Friday! Did anyone else notice that last weekend Long Island just seemed to bloom? I left on Friday afternoon for my Boston weekend and when I returned to New York on Monday Central Park seemed alive. When I saw Huntington in the daylight Tuesday morning, it just seemed like spring was finally, finally here. I took the above picture on my way to work Tuesday morning.

I am so, so pleased it is Friday- though I do have to say, this week sped by! A trip to the Museum of Natural History on Monday seems to make the rest of the week just a little lovelier. This weekend I'm looking forward to meeting the lovely Laura for some coffee and flower buying after work. I saw some crazy blue hydrangeas I just need to posses and she's agreed to a floral adventure.

After that I will dash home to meet Olivia and my Future Brother In Law, Mr. Eric, for a tasting and menu selection for their upcoming nuptials (did you know Olivia is getting married?).

Saturday I am looking forward to a much needed trip to my favorite museum- The Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was so inspired by Jamie Beck's Grace Kelly inspired Met photo shoot that I am trying to postulate just the right outfit. It's supposed to be rainy, I anticipate a trench- any grand ideas?

Easter is Sunday and I have already prepared a number of eggs to be painted. I love doing all those childhood holiday activities in my adult state. I make a much smaller mess now.

So, Easter plans? Solstice plans? What do you have going on this weekend, lovelies?


  1. What flowers are you using in your wedding, Olivia? I need flower help something fierce.

  2. Olivia is going with blue hydrangeas and some pink peonies for the center pieces. No decisions have been made on bouquets. What sort of colors are you thinking!?

  3. Well my wedding colors are truffle and a dark red. My bouquet will be a tight, round rose bouquet, and I'm thinking of doing ivory flowers for my bridesmaids (as their dresses are dark brown). And I thought about roses for them as well, but since I'm not a huge flower person...I really don't know. I was looking into hydrangeas because I like the round look! Blue and pink will be beautiful together!