(Yes, I get to marry that musician in 62 days, but really, who's counting?!)

Hi Lovelies, how was your weekend? Eric and I had one of the busiest weekends we've had in quite some time, but we had a great, great time being busy. Saturday was horrible and rainy, but we spent the day at Eric's show with his band Miller's Crossing. It was so lovely to watch the rain and listen to awesome bluegrass music. I spent the downtime at the show reading Water for Elephants (what did y'all think of it? I was not a fan.). Sunday we got up at the crack of dawn to meet Eric's family who were in town for the premiere of his aunt's documentary The Bully Project. I am so, so excited to see this and share it with my students! We were thrilled his family was in town and that we got to see everyone.

After that we headed to my grandma's for Easter and saw Father Lovely and Eric finally got his caramel Cadbury Egg. We came home and were about to settle in for the night, but got a call from Jenny inviting us to dinner with her and Andrey--it was still light out (hello, Spring!), so we hopped to it (pun intended) and had a great Thai meal and lots of laughter (let's just say someone went into the men's bathroom thinking it was the women's...and it wasn't me, ha!). Now, it's back to the work week, but we're so excited Spring is here and Summer just around the corner!

What did you all do this weekend? Hope you all had a happy Passover and Easter!


  1. I appreciate your fiancè because of his love for caramel cadbury eggs. MY FAVE!

    I watched my incredibly precious 19-month-old niece hunt Easter eggs, oh and waste an entire day with the fam watching Meet Me in St. Louis and playing random Wii gameshow games.

    Perfect weekend indeed.

  2. That sounds adorable! We didn't do any egg hunts this year...I love Wii games!