Happy Friday, Lovelies, and Happy Royal Wedding Day! A big congrats to the gorgeous bride and groom. I watched the tail end of the wedding and it was so beautiful how happy both Kate and Will looked; I adored her choice of dress, hair, and subtle makeup (also, loved her earrings! Can Forever 21 make a knock off, please?). What a special day! Do you ever do anything to make yourself feel special, and shall we say, princess-like? Yesterday was a no-good day for me; it was one of those days where I just couldn't pull it together and everything seemed overwhelming. Therefore, I decided to do something special for myself! Before going to tutor at our local library, I stopped in at the chocolate shop and bought myself two chocolate caramels. I ate them slowly while I walked to the library and though I know we're not supposed to use food to make us happy (ha!), it felt so delectable, unusual, and therefore special to do something like that for myself. Speaking of us as princesses, have you seen the Disney Princess Maker? Check out me as a princess bride below! What do you look like as a Disney princess? Have a fantastic, royal, gorgeous weekend!

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