Is it me, or does everyone and their sister/best friend seem to be with child right now? When it comes to baby gifts, perhaps because I am not a mommy, I seem to find it hard to figure out what to buy; clothes, books, toys? I always want to get a gift that the mother (and father) can enjoy, also. When we were growing up my mother kept detailed baby books about our time as babies. We loved reading them as kids; we would sit down with our mother and relive, through her eyes, and the writing, what we were like as babies. So, when I came across these gorgeous Toile Baby Books in Pink, Blue, and Green from Layla Grace, I knew they would make a perfect baby gift! The book is photo and archival safe, and because it's a binder, pages can be removed, edited, added, or photo pages added. What a lovely gift and lovelier way to document someone's life.

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