We come from a loafer family. What I mean to say is that Momma Lovely was rocking loafers back in the early 90s- loafers with straight leg, slightly cropped tan jeans (and the lady looked good) or loafers with long skirts (this is why I cannot find a photo, her feet were covered half the time!). Father Lovely also was a fan of the loafer, he too wore his preppy style: no socks. Brother Lovely practically lives in loafers (a conversation I've had too, too many times: "Why did you just go shovel snow in your suede loafers, Collin? AND WHY AREN'T YOU WEARING SOCKS?).

For a time I became obsessed with obtaining a pair of Tod's- which I would still be open to, in case you wanted to give me a pair. But overall, I have gone back and forth on loafers for me, I tend to be more of a crocodile ballerina flat girl. I prefer the feminine lines of flats, and I sometimes feel that loafers can be clunky, and a little masculine for my look- less delicate than I'd like. But I find nothing more comfortable than my Minnetonka moccasins. And a close second are my Sperry top-siders. I feel a cute, well done, neutral toned loafer could be a happy medium between my super casual unflattering mocs and my pretty-second-sole-is-falling-apart flats. Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions?

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  1. I feel the loafers are a bit harsh for my wardrobe; ballet flats do it for me on a consistent basis.