So, there's about two weeks until that day when we honor and celebrate the people who brought us into the world. What better way to honor a mother then by giving her gifts for the things she loves to do? Does you mother love to cook? Our mother has her speciality foods (chicken cutlets, chili, quiche...mmm her quiche), but she was never one to spend hours in the kitchen (you can find her painting on the floor). However, some mothers love to spend time in the kitchen, baking, experimenting, prepping, and spending time doing something they love. If your mother considers cooking a hobby and not a chore, then she may love the Blossom Measuring Spoons from Beehive Kitchenware (we've talked about them before!). How adorable are these spoons? They would surely perk up any baking recipe. If your mother is anything like me, she may love to cook dinner, but never knows what to make--therefore, she needs the What to Cook Dice from Twine. This set of 14 handmade dice are illustrated with all the basic dinner foods and could easily help everyone make up their minds with just one toss. Which of these gifts would your mother love to get? What about you? What would you get for the mother who loves to cook?

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