Downtown Manhattan from Brooklyn.

Some random, funny highlights from my Monday:
  • I deposited a check!
  • I went to Starbucks to grab a Chai Latte to drink while I walked to the bank and the barista who is there many mornings was also getting a drink. He said "Hey Jen." He knows my name solely from my cups and how often I come in. I felt awful since I had no idea what his name was, I found out it's Abe. He also remembered my drink- Venti Non-Fat Misto.
  • I went to Rite Aid to buy Easter candy I do not need (but that my Step Dad will totally eat) and toys for a truly spoiled dog. I donated one dollar to some sort of research in Lovely's name. I walked out of Rite Aid. I heard someone calling after me - "Ma'am, MA'AM!" Seriously, Ma'am? I'm 23, "You didn't actually pay." The poor kid, he looked terrified. I had swiped my card (yay me), but he hadn't put the charge through (see: not my fault). I laughed and told him not to let it ruin his week (he said he would have gotten fired if he hadn't caught me in the parking lot). Obviously I went back and paid, thieving is not lovely.
  • I listened to The Road's My Middle Name by the Fabulous Ms. Bonnie Raitt on my way home. With the windows down. The windows down, did you hear me? At night. Windows. Down. That's how warm it was outside.

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