Remember the sad story of my sweet shoes? Of course you do. Last night I went e-shopping. I couldn't find anything I really wanted or that was perfect, but I am in need of flats. I compromised, I bought a few cheap pairs I liked- I figure my life is quite as tough on shoes as it once was. Manhattan kills shoes, Huntington doesn't quite have the same affect. So, for the time being I can rotate these 4 new pairs.


  1. I do love a good Target-brand ballet flat (she says, currently rocking her trusty zebras). The day my red ballet flat soulmate shoes gave out on me was the saddest day of life. Sure, I have the same pair in black but still. How do you replace a best friend is exactly right. I have some "new" red flats, but come on--they're the wrong fabric and color and they're kind of slippery.

    I definitely mourn your loss with you. Kudos for buying four new pair, though! I love the ones on the bottom left!!

  2. The Mossimo ones are really, really hard on my joints. Although all flats are kind of hard on joints.. Probably why I crossed over to Tom's for everything! =)