You ever get a million random thoughts in your head while driving to work? That was totally me, this morning. Here's what was on my mind:

  1. I'm wearing a blue paisley silky shirt and blue pants today (the exact outfit above). Eric kept calling me "That 70s Girl" which eventually somehow morphed into calling me "Mila" all morning. To be clear, the shirt is a brand new Ralph Lauren, not from the 1970s. He didn't seem to care about that point, and started then calling me "Jackie" (Mila's character from That 70s Show).

  2. There's nothing like some good bluegrass on a sunny morning; "Come Back to Me Sweetheart" by JD Crowe came up on my shuffle and made me so happy! (Also check out IIIrd Tyme Out, Blue Highway, Tony Rice, Sierra Hull, and though it's not exactly bluegrass, nothing's better then Doc Watson.)

  3. There's also nothing like the first cup of coffee in the morning. Yum.

  4. I've been trying something new with my iPod: listening to all songs in alphabetical order. Well, to be honest, I skip over a lot, but this morning I listened to "Come as You Are" from the Nirvana Unplugged album (Yes, Nirvana is lovely!). It reminded me of a time when we were kids, driving with my dad, and listening to this album. When we drove through the drive-though bank teller, my dad was singing the part of the song, "And I swear that I don't have a gun, no I don't have a gun..." He got some very weird, and very scared looks from the bank teller.

  5. I have been itching to sew lately. ITCHING. I'm really, really bad at following clothing patterns (hence the crazy quilts; though, I do follow quilt patterns), but for some reason all I can think about it sewing skirts. I want to buy some simple skirt patterns (or dresses!), and try some this summer. Any suggestions on patterns would be great!

What was on your mind during your drive to work today?


  1. I generally don't remember anything prior to my first diet coke of the day, so it was probably something like, "Why didn't I grab a can out of the fridge?" or "Man this sun is bright today!" or "Really, I'm early?" or "Why is Avril Lavigne playing? My life isn't complicated this morning."

  2. Emuhleem! I've been there, in college I used to get my coffee on campus, which was at times 20 minutes away from my apartment. I would often not remember conversations/seeing people I saw on the bus. x