Morning, Lovelies! This morning Mama Lovely drove me to work for a number of reasons. While I did sort of miss my daily Bonnie Raitt session, getting those extra few minutes to chat with my Mama Lovely was a pleasant change to my normal routine.

Mama Lovely in her college days

We had a nice drive discussing pencil skirts and silk blouses. There is no question my fashion and style is highly influenced by my mother. She taught me to love neutrals, dress to my body and not necessarily in trend and wear shoes in neutral colors and never black. She has a major problem with black shoes. She taught me to find what works for you and make it your uniform. But also be ready to throw that all aside and wear whatever you want and whatever makes you feel good. She taught me the magic of understated formal fashion: dress nicely and you will fit in anywhere, jeans, a cardigan and nice shoes or a skirt and a t-shirt will look right anywhere, even if you are a little over dressed. Most importantly: work with what you've got, consider price against value and remember that a smile and some sass go with everything.
Disney World.
Check out the tiny Lis (aka Me) in my bike shorts and shirt. Super fashionable I was.
Also see the Baby Brother Lovely in his polo shirt with a popped collar.
Our parents were yuppies for sure.

So, Lovelies, what did your stylish mamas teach you? Mother's day is fast approaching- why not let her know what a great influence she's been on your personal style?

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